Uncharted (第11集)


主持 : Albert Leung da Crate Digger
主題:每星期兩小時穿越時代和類型, 無定向於現代音樂/聲音宇宙探索, 試圖將本地音樂愛好者引領到未知領域。

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uncharted 0011 Playlist Part 1

Anarchy - Morah
Vibrations of a Circular Membrane - Lucy Until the Light Takes Us - Volte-Face Half Past 3 - Prosperoh
Sea Shore Acid - MGUN
Oil Rig - Daze

uncharted 0011 Playlist Part 2

Intervention - Pris
Call - Orior
This Is Always Where You've Lived - Secret Boyfriend
Saturated - Container
The grad student turned her eyes toward the closet where she had made him hide - Ex- ploring Jezebel
With My Back to the Tower - Torn Hawk

uncharted 0011 Playlist Part 3

Storm Coming - Galaxian, DJ Stingray Yamato (Original Mix) - Jeff Mills
Time Machine - Jeff Mills
Clouded Vision - DJ Spider

Sorry to Disappoint (OB Ignitt Remix) - DJ Overdose & OB Ignitt Negroid Spinx - Africans With Mainframes

uncharted 0011 Playlist Part 4

Observant Sirens - Driftmachine The Human Pet - Elon Katz
845 - NHK yx Koyxen
Nightlife - Lawrence