Uncharted (第10集)


主持 : Albert Leung da Crate Digger
主題:每星期兩小時穿越時代和類型, 無定向於現代音樂/聲音宇宙探索, 試圖將本地音樂愛好者引領到未知領域。

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 uncharted 0010 Playlist Part 1

Dig My Grave with a Silver Spade - Tom Dutson & R.P. Williams
HGS - Voices from the Lake feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel
What He Said - Grammar Of Movement
Dekdu - Prosperoh
Sea Shore Acid - Helena Hauff
Six In The Morning - Low Jack

uncharted 0010 Playlist Part 2

Srey No (Lady Named NO) - Unknown Artist
Homeless - Scott Young
Self-Hypnosis - SILENT SERVANT
Need Of Angels - In The Mouth Of The Wolf
Take A Chance - LFDM

uncharted 0010 Playlist Part 3

One Take Dub No Edit - Russell Haswell
The Man From Another Place - Shapednoise
Di Kala Suda - Senyawa
La Mirada Llarga - Exoteric Continent

uncharted 0010 Playlist Part 4

Quadra Nove - Donato Dozzy
FLA·1 - Samuel Kerridge
Raw Basics - Basic Rhythm
Sex Mission - Laurel Halo
Nonservo - Gunnar Haslam
Electric Hintermass (Sound Apart) - Hintermass